Why Your Project Need QA Testing.

Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.
Many clients ask the same question: “Why do I need QA? Why can’t developers test software by their own?”
    In this article, I try to describe the QA engineer role during the project and answer common questions.

Why do I need QA?

QA has special skills which helping define narrow places in software and even in requirements.
Certainly, any average person can click a few buttons and even create some automated tests, but an average QA engineer will definitely make it in 10 times faster.
It’s a known fact that the further a bug makes it through the release process, the more expensive it becomes.

What are the QA duties on the project?

– Documentation testing.
Investigating the requirements, QA tester can find issues in it that would be able almost to destroy the success in future.
– Development the testing documentation.
Test plan, test cases, test strategy etc. These documents allow to test software properly, give a guarantee that all functionality is covered by tests.
– Software testing.
QA use different testing methodologies and testing approaches. These methods allow ensuring that a software application, in particular, is fully tested.

    Also when we speak about performance and regression testing, QA testers use special tools to automate the testing process. In the case of performance testing. Testers can hit the software simulating a big amount of users to see how it withstands such load.

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Why developers can’t do it?

Certainly, they can do, but the most important thing is to reduce “human factor” in development process. The same people who implement components can’t test them as well as absolutely new people(Black box testing). For sure some developers as professional can do it, but here the reason is in the budget. Developer with strong skill set definitely has higher hourly rate than QA.

Why does programmer can not test applications like a QA  tester?

The main point is that programmers and testers have a different approach in their work. Developers go through cases that should work, but testers try to find real life cases that can break the system.
Our QA engineer Alexandra Osovets answered this question such way:

” First, I try to check all main functions and ability to use it, after this I think – but what if? Developers think that users will use the app like required but in real life, everything differs. And testers spend the most time in resolving this issue, make a system more stable in different cases. So developers think about the application, testers think about users.”

From myself, I can add there are often problems on the projects because 2 reasons: indefinite requirements, no testers on it.
The matter of the fact, we need QA testers on the project as much as designers, developers and managers.

There is another underestimated role on the project, project managers and scrum masters. I will try to describe their duties on the project in the next article.
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